Connector for all fluids & gases

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Product Description

Quick release couplings for fluids and gases a perfect complete modular system Stäubli’s quick connectors for fluids and gases consist of a full range of products that takes into account the distinct characteristics of the fluid or gas being handled, offering a wide variety of seals, numerous valving and locking technologies, as well as additional options such as key coding and end connections. We guarantee superior performance, tightness and compactness, with just the right products to match your requirements.

A system which takes into account the characteristics and particularities of the fluid sent through, combined with a large variety of seals, numerous plugging and locking variations, not to mention a number of additional options, including safety-lock keys or overhanging bolts.
In addition to all the guarantees of performance, tightness and compactness based on our expertise, our ability to strictly match your requirements makes all the difference.