Bus System

Bus System

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Product Description

PowerWave Bus System – simple yet robust overhead busway power distribution system Toughrail Technology™

PowerWave Toughrail Technology™ ensures your structured overhead busway is not only flexible, but rugged. The extruded aluminum housing is of a one-piece design and has integrated channels for both an isolated ground and communications cable for our integrated branch circuit monitoring solution.


Flexible design is built into every aspect of PowerWave Busway. With elbows, tees and cross sections available any number of designs can be achieved. Furthermore, our tap-off boxes are customized to your specifications including breaker size and type, receptacle type and cable whips lengths.

Branch Circuit Monitoring

The integrated communications channel in our busway makes monitoring power overhead simple. The PowerWave Bus System™ can monitor both the end feed and tap off boxes independently while offering multiple display options and integration into your existing Building Management System (BMS) or Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system